Seahawks vs. Cowboys: Behind Enemy Lines with ‘The Landry Hat’


The Seattle Seahawks are just about ready for a Week 6 meeting with the Dallas Cowboys, who are surprisingly 4-1 and on top of the NFC East right now.

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But is that Dallas record a fluke or are they the real deal?

To learn more about the leader of the NFC East, I spoke with Mr. Steven Mullenax, the editor of, our FanSided brother that covers all things Dallas Cowboys.

Steven revealed some interesting insight on the Cowboys, including one of their biggest weak spots coming into Sunday’s contest.

Here is our conversation:

1. The Cowboys haven’t been 4-1 since 2008. How are you viewing their hot start right now? Is this just a hot streak or is something special brewing in Dallas?

I think most Cowboys are somewhere in between. We’re excited because of what this overachieving team has done through the first five weeks, but we’ve also been around the block enough times to know not to get too excited this early into a new year.

And not to buy into the media hype…that is unless the Cowboys defeat the Seahawks this Sunday! If that happens, all bets are off. We’re going streaking!

2. The Seahawks have one of the best run defenses in the league, while the Cowboys have one of the best rushing attacks. What gives? Which do you think has the advantage on Sunday?

No one knows. But it should be fun to watch!

As a Cowboys fan, I’ve only watched Dallas’ offensive line manhandle all comers. So, I’d certainly be a little bias in my answer. But I do know this Seattle defense hasn’t faced a rushing offense like this one this season. So this should be their biggest test so far, as well as Dallas’.

3. The Cowboys have looked strong overall so far this year, but what is one of their weak spots Seattle would do well to exploit?

The Cowboys have recorded a grand total of two sacks in the last three games, so getting a proper pass rush has been their biggest issue.

Although, they seemed to do just enough to rattle a quarterback like the New Orleans’ Saints Drew Brees. Still, a more mobile quarterback, like a Russell Wilson, should be able to extend plays long enough to expose the cracks in Dallas’ defensive secondary due to the lack of pressure.

4. Which relatively unknown player on the Cowboys should the Seahawks keep their eye on? Could that player prove to be a difference maker during Sunday’s game?

If Dallas has any hope of winning this matchup, defensive tackle Tyrone Crawford will have to play a pivotal role.

The third-year defensive end out of Boise State recent made the move inside the line and has thrived. Although he hasn’t recorded a sack this season, Crawford is getting a good amount of push while in the critical three technique, which just happens to be the most important position in the Cowboys’ Cover 2, Tampa 2 defensive scheme.

If Crawford can have success Sunday against a Seattle offensive line missing their starting center, Dallas should have a chance to follow suit.

5. What do you think will be the final score of Sunday’s game and why?

Final Score: Dallas Cowboys 23, Seattle Seahawks 34

A lot has been made of the Dallas Cowboys running game going up against this vaunted Seattle Seahawks run defense. But I believe the game will be determined by the Seahawks’ offense and Dallas’ defense.

This season, the Cowboys’ wins have all come against traditional pocket passers. Their lone loss was against a mobile quarterback in the form of Colin Kaepernick.

Dallas will have similar troubles containing Wilson, who is actually playing better and smarter ball than Kaepernick right now. Compiling on top of this problem is the fact Dallas will be without their fastest linebacker, Bruce Carter, due to a thigh injury. Without his speed to contain the speedy quarterback, expect Wilson to extend numerous plays and thus torching the Cowboys’ lackluster defensive backfield.

The Cowboys defense was gashed last week by Houston Texans’ running back Arian Foster to the tune of 157 rushing yards and two scores. I’d also expect a similar line from Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch this Sunday.

Although the Cowboys will attempt to limit their defenses’ exposure by running the ball themselves, I believe the Seahawks’ offense will find ways to score when they get the opportunity, especially in their loud home stadium. Unfortunately for the Cowboys, running back DeMarco Murray can not play both sides of the ball.

Special thanks, again, to Mr. Steven Mullenax from for taking the time to share his thoughts on the Cowboys-Seahawks Week 6 matchup.