Seahawks: Usually the Bully, Hawks Get Bullied Worse


For most of Pete Carroll’s tenure in Seattle, the Seahawks have been the bully.  Bigger.  Tougher.  Nastier than the rest.  It has served them well.  In fact, so well, they rode that aggression to a romp over the Denver Broncos in last season’s Super Bowl.  That’s why Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys is such a head scratcher.

From the moment the game ensued, Dallas was the more physical team.  Seattle received the ball, promptly drove down the field, but was forced to kick a field goal due to a resilient Dallas defense that made it known right away that nothing would come easy on this day.  For the next four quarters, the Cowboys played the part of the Seahawks, swarming to the ball in waves.  Their intensity was palpable.

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  • That was most apparent in the complete shutdown of wide receiver Percy Harvin, who has gouged teams repeatedly this season with big plays, largely from bubble screens and jet sweeps.  The Cowboys proved they were up to the task though, mobbing Harvin as soon as he touched the ball.  He finished the day with a dismal 0 yards on 3 receptions and -1 on the ground.  Say that out loud.  The Cowboys held the Seahawks most explosive player to -1 yards.

    Now, I’m normally hesitant to question a coordinator because let’s be honest, they know a lot more about football than I do.  That being said, I can’t figure out for the life of me why the Seahawks employed the offensive game plan that they did.

    The Cowboy’s defense, for all of their improvement this season, came into this game giving up over five yards a carry on the ground.  Naturally, the Seahawks would take advantage of that, considering they owned the number one rushing attack in the league.  Right?

    Apparently not.

    On a day in which Russell Wilson looked mortal, the Seahawks were struggling to find any sort of rhythm on offense.  Inexplicably, they abandoned their strength, looking like the meeker team in the process.  The toughest pill to swallow was that Dallas looked determined to ride their run game to a victory, and it showed in the discrepancy in carries.  Cowboys-37, Seahawks-18

    The Seahawks now have two losses, both coming in eerily similar fashion.  The San Diego game was also a departure from the norm, with the Hawks carrying the ball only thirteen times, unbelievable for a team built on running and defense.  In both of those contests, the time of possession weighed heavily in favor of their opposition.

    One thing is certain.  The Seahawks were outmuscled today.  The sky isn’t falling.  The season isn’t over.  But I know one thing.  They have to find a way to get their swagger back, because if they don’t, some bully is going to come take their trophy.