Seahawks: Rough Day 12s? This May Help


A loss that was not supposed to be causes panic. In the post game press conference or locker room interviews, players are asked about the team’s health, mindset and whether they can recover. At the same time fans are hoping they have a refill left on the Prozac script.

The Northwest hasn’t seen this much consternation since Mount St. Helens blew.

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This reaction is not a surprise, of course, seeing how much we love our Seahawks. And even though the chatter this week will be about a team in trouble, we know a win cures all. The Seahawks know this as well. Still, this is a loss more complex than just having a bad day.

So 12s, because I care and I’m keenly aware of your frustration, I decided to change the subject. Below is a list of jokes & stories in the NFL that will give you a much-needed break from the loss.

– In 2007 during training camp for the New York Giants, Michael Strahan was a no-show due to a contract dispute. Fans were anxious to see Strahan in his “Big Blue” 92 jersey. So you can imagine the frenzy created when #92 entered the practice field.

But something seemed off as Strahan ran around with his teammates.

That’s because it wasn’t Strahan. William Joseph, former defensive tackle for the Giants, decided to play a prank on fans. Unfortunately the fan base did not see the humor. At one point Giants faithful called for Joseph to be cut.

I wonder what they wanted to do to Eli Manning last year.

– Why does Michael Crabtree rarely see light when he’s at home? He’s still living in Richard Sherman’s shadow!

– What do you call a group of millionaires watching the Super Bowl on TV? The San Francisco 49ers.

– What do 49er fans do after their team wins the Super Bowl? Turn off their PS4!

– How did NFL players spend their first week of training camp this year? Studying Miranda Rights.

I had other jokes that were funny and ready to add. Then I remembered that I signed a form acknowledging that we are a family friendly web site (I can’t email them either).

Let’s smile and look ahead 12s!