Seahawks vs Cowboys: The Game Winning Play (Video)


Often times you can point to one particular play that cements a victory or loss for an NFL team on Sunday. It may be an interception, or fumble, or a game winning score as time expires.

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Sometimes, it’s a miracle escape by a Dallas Cowboys QB (maybe Tony Romo) often times know for choking – then heaving the ball downfield towards the sideline and having a relatively unknown wide receiver (maybe Terrance Williams) make the highlight catch of his young career on 3rd and 20 to convert for another first down.

If you didn’t watch the Cowboys and Seahawks play yesterday, and managed to avoid SportsCenter and their 24 reruns, you’ll be shocked that my completely vague and general description actually described what happened yesterday perfectly.

The Dallas Cowboys had been converting on 3rd downs all game long, but this particular play was what really gave them the momentum to seal the game and the victory over the Seahawks. Check it out here:

It really was a miracle that the Seahawks still had a chance to drive downfield with a little over a minute to go with the score at 30-23 in favor of the Cowboys. Russell Wilson has had 11-game winning drives in his brief career, tied for most in the NFL in that time. Seahawks fans were all confident in his abilities. Unfortunately Wilson threw an interception to Cowboys LB Rolando McClain to put an end to their drive.