Doug Baldwin Calls Out Seattle Seahawks Offense


Tempers flared after Sunday’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Everyone was upset, but only one receiver opened his mouth about it.

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“We have to quit BS-ing ourselves. We’ve got to be real with ourselves. When we get in the meeting room, we’ve got to actually pay attention to things and not blow smoke up our tails that everything’s going to be all right. Things aren’t going right. Pay attention to things that we’re not doing right and correct them,” said wide receiver Doug Baldwin.

Baldwin had two catches Sunday evening and blocked a punt that was returned for a touchdown, he then went on a rant after the Seahawks’ 30-23 loss to the Cowboys, but before that he had a heated sideline discussion sideline  with his QB, Russell Wilson.

Things happen on football sidelines all the time. Conversations are had, fights may be fought but it usually doesn’t mean anything. During the “conversation”, Wilson is seen calmly drinking out of his Gatorade cup and listening to his receiver.

“It’s not because we didn’t have the ball much! No. [Expletive] that. We had plenty of time. We had plenty of time to make [expletive] plays on the field. Plenty of time,” said Baldwin.

Seeing that he was getting really riled up, fellow receiver Ricardo Lockette quickly prodded Baldwin to take a deep breath and slow down.

Baldwin wasn’t having that either.

“What you think, man? We’re frustrated. The offense can’t [expletive] move the ball. We’ve got too much [expletive] talent over here not to be moving the ball. It’s not on Russ. I’m saying in general, our offense, we’re too just [expletive] good not to be moving the ball down the field. I’m not mad at Russ at all, it’s a collaborative thing. We’ve all got to pitch in and do our part. We’ve all got to be better.”

Although Baldwin quickly says “it’s not on Russ,” any criticism and nit-picking of an offense falls on the quarterback by default. Wilson is the one ignition to the offense. He has the power over the ball. Controversy from a receiver isn’t a good thing.

The Seattle Seahawks are a comfortable 3-2 with wins coming against the Denver Broncos and the Green Bay Packers and losses from the San Diego Chargers and the now 5-1 Dallas Cowboys.

The road to another Super Bowl championship is hard and they’ve still got 11 games left to play. Their next game is on the road on Sunday against the 1-4 St. Louis Rams.

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