A Helpful Guide to Updating your Percy Harvin Jersey


Turn that frown upside down Seahawks fans! Your Percy Harvin jersey isn’t completely useless!

So you were one of the 12th Man that bought yourself a brand spankin’ new Percy Harvin jersey after he signed with the Seahawks, huh? Maybe you even bought the official ones. The ones that cost $250.

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Now you’re probably pretty pissed off because you can’t really wear that around town or to a Seahawks game. Not after everything came out with Harvin punching teammates and not wanting to be in Seattle anymore. If the circumstances were different, like him being released to save cap space, or being traded to play for a contender (doesn’t apply to the Seahawks), then you’d be fine.

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But the negative aspects to his departure are reason enough to no longer support the player. So what do you do? Do you go the route that many other angry fans take? Do you burn the jersey like Cavs fans did when Lebron James made “The Decision?” We’re classier than that, guys.

Maybe you just stuff it in a box in the attic and let time heal the wounds of the separation. It might be OK to rock the threads again as a throwback in 20 years. I’m pretty sure most people wouldn’t even know who Percy Harvin was in 2034. Winning at least half-a-dozen Super Bowls will make people forget.

My suggestion is to take that sweet looking jersey and just MacGyver it a bit. With some duct tape, super glue, permanent marker and a paper clip, you can easily transform that #11 Harvin dud into a sweet #51 Bruce Irvin jersey.

This way you can still get some use out of that expensive investment and support a guy that was drafted by the Seahawks and actually wants to help the team get back to their second Super Bowl.

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