Five Takeaways from the Seahawks Loss to the Rams

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Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

I waited until well after the game to write this because I was pretty pissed off about the way the Seahawks-Rams game went down.

The NFL’s yearly expansion of the replay system is supposed to help the league and its 32 teams, right? Having 100 camera’s pointed in every imaginable direction and at every angle is supposed to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed.

Adversity is opportunity. I love these guys & our resilience. – R. Wilson (After the loss)

This is how you can read the lips of every WR that chews out their QB on the sideline, or catch a player “making contact with a ref” to assign an appropriate fine.

Well they flat out got it wrong at the end of this one. It’s pointless to dwell on the past however, so we’re going to look at the five things that we can take away from today’s loss and learn from.