12th Man Rising Staff: Week 7 NFL Picks Results


You know, I’m starting to feel that if we stopped picking the Seahawks as unanimous winners each week, we’d be doing pretty well with our NFL picks right now.

For the second straight week our entire panel picked six games to have one unanimous victor – for the second straight week the Seahawks have been the team that has proved us all wrong.

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The Patriots, Ravens, Cardinals, Cowboys and Broncos all proved to be correct choices as each staff member chose the five to win their respective matchups. It would have been six had crazy-man Kenny Jackson not picked the Bengals to defeat the Colts at home. Although, Kenny was also the only one that predicted the Chicago Bears to lose to the Dolphins at Soldier Field.

Richard Riley showed us all how it’s done this week with 12 correct picks. His only blemishes were choosing the Seahawks, Bears and Saints. The Saints losing by one after leading much of the game could have really put even more separation between the staff this week as the three panelists that chose the Lions to win also all finished 8-7 on the week.

Overall, myself and Richard are tied for the season lead, which is only two weeks deep since we started six weeks into the regular season. Co-editor Mitch Quesada and writers Kenny Jackson and Thomas Oide trail by only two games. Colin Floyd, who won last week comes in second, choosing 20 of the 30 games correctly thus far.

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