Is Seattle’s Legion of Boom a Bust in 2014?

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Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Kam Chancellor is the hard hitting enforcer of the group and the basis for his nickname, Bam Bam. Who will ever forget the hit on Demaryus Thomas that sent the Denver WR flying backwards 5 yards? And his numbers for this year brought the biggest surprise.

Keeping in mind that he is playing with one surgically repaired hip and bone spurs in one of his ankles, he is on pace to surpass his tackling numbers in two of three catergories.  For 2013, Chancellor had 93 combined tackles, 61 solos and 32 assists.  Playing injured, he is on pace for 117, 91 and 27, which is a startling 49 extra tackles. And he’s hurt? Pain must fuel his play.