Seattle Seahawks: How To Handle Marshawn Lynch Is Not Difficult


Since February, the Seattle Seahawks have had a front row seat to the Marshawn Lynch show.

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It’s not a show that teaches humility. The main character has little self awareness and rarely shows respect to those who have given him a great life. His coach continues to follow a script provided by Lynch himself, without recognition.

With all he’s been given, why does the Seahawks running back disagree with how he’s directed?

Rumors have swirled regarding Seattle’s feelings toward Lynch. His attitude has become a distraction to those in the front office.

He has been difficult in the locker room and as a teammate. The decisions on his contract as well as personnel moves, have been met with criticism. Things are so bad, the Seahawks are acting like his departure can’t happen soon enough.

The amount of drama and contention with players, is rivaled only by Lifetime channel’s “men are awful” movies. So tiresome.

So help me understand why Marshawn Lynch wasn’t sent packing with Percy Harvin. Harvin’s attitude and antics that banished him from Seattle, sound quite similar to those of Lynch. How can distractions by one player be detrimental, while a similar attitude by another is acceptable? This is an issue that may be deeper than we’re meant to know.

In past articles, I have been awfully critical of Lynch. I have yet to give him any room for error. This criticism, however, has been about Lynch the person, not the player. As a player; as a dominant NFL running back, he has given Seattle all his body will allow without fainting. Admit it 12s, you still get chills watching his run against the Saints in the 2010 wild card.

He’s that good.

The difference between these two situations can be found in their service as a Seahawk.

Harvin is a world-class athlete and a lot of fun to watch. Marshawn Lynch, since the 2010 season, has performed at a high level. His arrival in Seattle changed the team’s fortunes. On the field he has been exactly what Pete Carroll needed to make this team elite. And he hasn’t disappointed.

It’s true that Lynch has become an annoyance to Seattle’s front office. But every Sunday the team stays committed to the running game, Marshawn Lynch stays committed to giving his team 110%. When that happens, the Seahawks win a bunch of games.

So Seattle, let’s just try to get along for the sake of the repeat.

It’ll be well worth the effort.