Earl Thomas stars in funny, somewhat creepy Old Spice commercial


Earl Thomas was featured on Old Spice’s “4th and Touchdown” mini-commercial last week and the result was a little bit of everything expected and unexpected in one entertaining interview.

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Thomas starred in the four-minute commercial for Old Spice, where he spoke in an interview with a strange-looking half-robot, half-animated human thing.

Thomas held his own in the commercial, amusingly keeping a straight-face while playing along with the interview parody. It’s pretty awesome watching Thomas’ sense of humor.

On the field, he always shows such focus and seriousness, that it was nice to see him loosen up a little for the commercial.

In the commercial, Thomas talks about the robot’s dad, shows him how to act naturally with “swag” and discusses how to talk to girls in Seattle.

Oh, and they work together to make a rap — Thomas beat-boxes while the robot freestyles.

It all comes together in a pretty amusing “4th and Touchdown” piece that has also featured players like Jamaal Charles, A.J. Green and Drew Brees in the past.

Check it Thomas’ commerical: