Week 9 NFL Picks Results


Our panelists continue to perform very well each week with their NFL picks, outperforming many national “NFL experts” with ESPN, Fox Sports and other major sports networks.

This week Richard Riley correctly chose 11 of the 13 matchups and climbed into a two-way tie for second place with Editor Mitch Quesada. It was a very impressive showing considering his two misfires came from the Chargers losing to the Dolphins and the Panthers home loss to the Saints. Richard even correctly predicted the Rams beating the 49ers in San Francisco.

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It still wasn’t enough to catch up to the season leader, me, but it did get him just two games away. Mitch and writer Colin Floyd had a down week with 5 incorrect picks but the rest of the staff continued to do well above average. Kenny Jackson and Colin Oide both made 10 correct choices and the 12th Man Rising panel continues to show that they can be counted on to give solid advice for straight up NFL picks on a weekly basis.

Had the division rival Rams not defeated the 49ers on a last second fumble by San Francisco QB Colin Kaepernick on the 2-yard-line, the picks would have been even more impressive. We’ll never complain about a 49ers lose here at 12th Man Rising!

Be sure to check back tomorrow when we release the panels picks for every Week 10 NFL game.