What happened to John Moffitt?


Do you guys remember John Moffitt, the lovable and goofy Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman? Moffitt constantly made appearances on former Seahawks’ fullback Michael Robinson’s show, The Real Rob Report. He even earned himself a comical spot called “Moffitt’s Words of Wisdom.”

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In August of 2013 the Seahawks traded Moffitt to the Cleveland Browns, who were in desperate need of depth at guard for Brian Sanford, who would give Seattle more defensive line depth. The trade was voided citing a failed physical with the Browns.

Without even blinking an eye the Seahawks had a second trade partner lined up and Moffitt was instead shipped off to the Denver Broncos. Seattle got defensive tackle Sealver Siliga.

His time with the Broncos didn’t last long. Moffitt wasn’t released and he didn’t suffer a career-ending injury. Instead, the lineman lost his passion for the game that he had played since he was an 8-year-old and chose to retire before injuries tok a permanent toll on his body.

That was a year ago this week and you might be curious to know what he’s been doing with his time since.

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A failed relationship with his girlfriend and a battle with drug addiction isn’t the story that us Seahawks fans want to hear when it comes to one of the most likable guys to ever wear a Seahawks uniform. Unfortunately, it’s the one we have to hear.

John Moffitt turned to drugs and partying across America after his NFL career ended voluntarily and after a stint in a high-class California rehab clinic, he’s now considering driving an Uber cab and continuing to pursue a career in stand up comedy.

Personally, I’ll always wonder what would have been if the team had decided to keep John Moffitt in Seahawks blue and green.

You can read the full story on John and what he’s been up to since leaving the Broncos here.