Week 10 NFL Projections: The Results


Another week is in the books and overall our panel put in a solid performance with our NFL projections yet again.

Losses by the New Orleans Saints to the San Francisco 49ers and the Pittsburgh Steelers surprising choke to the New York Jets took some shine away from what otherwise was an impressive set of picks.

Only Colin Floyd chose the Browns to continue their impressive season by beating the Bengals. Unfortunately for him, he also chose the Bills to beat the Chiefs, the Bears to win in Green Bay and the Panthers to win on the road in Philly. Overall it was not the best week for Colin.

Editor Mitch Quesada and writers Kenny Jackson and Thomas Oide are making it hard for me to pull away with their 9-4 record this past week. The Dolphins losing to the Lions allowed me to gain one more game in the standings but this race isn’t over yet.

Unfortunately Richard Riley will no longer be participating in our weekly projections, however, for good reason. Richard will be moving on to take a position as the Editor of our Washington State University site here at Fansided. We wish him the best of luck covering the Cougars.