Marshawn Lynch threatened with fine before doing anything wrong


Marshawn Lynch is known as a man of few words.

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Unfortunately, the NFL doesn’t like that he rarely has anything to say and, according to a report from Pro Football Talk, if Lynch doesn’t talk to the media following the Seattle Seahawks game against the Kansas City Chiefs, he will be hit with a fine.

And not a small, pocket-change fine. A $100,000 fine, the identical amount New York Jets coach Rex Ryan was fined last weekend for using profanity.

From Pro Football Talk:

"The amount comes from the $50,000 fine that was imposed then suspended last year for failing to speak to the media.  When the NFL lifted the fine, it also warned Lynch that future failure to cooperate would result in reinstatement of the fine, plus another $50,000."

Lynch has been one of the league’s icons when it comes to not talking to the media. Since entering the league a decade ago, he has rarely had much to say.

But the NFL wants its players to open up to the media and give quotes that, hopefully, make the athletes more personable to the fans.

It seems contradictory though, to force an athlete to say something when they have nothing to say.

I find Lynch very personable in the fact that sometimes I don’t have much to say either and I don’t like when people tell me when I should and shouldn’t speak.

It’s like the NFL is playing Big Brother (though what else is new) and I’m not sure I like the passive threat of a fine before the athlete has done any wrong.

I get that Lynch has been an offender of the “You Will Talk To The Media Or Else” rule in the NFL, but threatening him with a six-figure fine doesn’t seem right.

In any case, if Lynch doesn’t talk to anyone after Sunday’s game against the Chiefs he is going to take a hit in his paycheck.

Do you think that’s fair?