Week 11 NFL Projections Reveal Five Unanimous Winners


This week we’re releasing our projections just ahead of the early slate of NFL games. Week 11 has our panel picking five of thirteen games with unanimous winners.

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Again, the Seahawks have been selected to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs even though Seattle owns just a 5-20 record when playing at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs and Seahawks have been battling it out the last two seasons to see who owns the loudest stadium crown in the NFL. Chiefs fans will undoubtedly be anxious to show the Seahawks just how loud they can be.

Check below to see why the staff picked the way they did for some key games.

Paul Novak

Prediction: Cardinals defeat Lions

Why: Even with Carson Palmer out for the season, the Cardinals are a solid team thanks to their defense. At home, against the Lions’ strong offense, I think they’ll pull it out.

Prediction: Falcons defeat Panthers

Why: Matt Ryan has too many weapons and the Panthers have been very unpredictable this season.

Mitch Quesada

Prediction: Saints defeat Bengals

Why: It’s simple: the Saints offense is simply going to be too much for the Bengals defense. Drew Brees knows how to exploit secondaries and Cincinnati’s run defense (ranked 31st in the league) won’t have answers for Mark Ingram or Darren Sproles. And the game is in the Big Easy? The only thing easy in this game will be a Saints win.

Prediction: Packers defeat Eagles

Why: Betting against Aaron Rodgers is always a bad idea, and the Eagles’ secondary is in shambles. Plus, the Packers secondary might have what it takes to slow down Mark Sanchez’s explosive takeover of the offense. I like the Packers at Lambeau in this playoff preview.

Colin Floyd

Prediction: Packers defeat Eagles

Why: Aaron Rodgers is coming off one of the best games of his career, and Mark Sanchez has brought back some of his old magic. When it comes down to it, these are two explosive defenses and Sanchez will not stand a chance against Rodgers.

Prediction: Lions defeat Cardinals

Why: This could be the best game of the day (other than the Seattle game). Two dominant defenses will do battle against some of the games best offensive weapons in Calvin Johnson, Matt Stafford and Andre Ellington. With three losses between these two teams, it promises to be a thriller.

Thomas Oide

Prediction: Vikings defeat Bears

Why: Did you see Jay Cutler last week?

Prediction: Colts defeat Patriots

Why: Andrew Luck will finally come through against the QB he has not yet beaten.