Four Reasons Why The Seahawks Will Make the Playoffs

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks Never Quit, Never Give Up

For all of the talk about the Super Bowl hangover and teams gunning for a piece of the defending champions, no team has been able to play the Seahawks and flat-out come away with an easy victory. Even the Cowboys only won by seven points.

Under Russell Wilson, the Seahawks worst loss in his tenure came this season to the San Diego Chargers. That game was only decided by nine points. In two-and-a-half seasons, the worst loss was by NINE POINTS! Think about that for a second.

The offense never gives up and often finds ways to score just when it’s needed.

The defense still takes pride in being an elite unit and never quits, causing turnovers and giving the offense more opportunities when down late in games.

This is why, despite injuries to Pro Bowl caliber players and key pieces in the scheme the Hawks run, they can still pull off wins against the toughest remaining schedule and show the Lombardi Trophy still goes through Seattle.

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