Richard Sherman calls out 49ers fans, praises 12th Man


Richard Sherman had a heck of a game against the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday night.

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He was everywhere on the field, leading a defense which absolutely dominated their NFC West rival.

Sherman was deuces wild statistically in the game. He had a pair of tackles, a pair of passes defended and a pair of interceptions, each of which proved to be clutch turnovers for the Seahawks.

It was a sweet return to the Bay Area for Sherman, who played college ball at Stanford but whose allegiance now lies in the Pacific Northwest.

His “Immaculate Deflection” at the end of the NFC title game last year put the Seahawks in the Super Bowl and ended the 49ers season.

After that play, and calling out Michael Crabtree in front of a national audience in a postgame interview, 49ers fans grew to hate him more than they already did and Seahawks fans grew to love him more than ever.

The loving relationship with the Seahawks fans is reciprocated by Sherman as is his hate of the 49ers fans.

After Thursday night’s game, Sherman called out San Francisco’s to the media.

“Their fans threw a few jabs and somebody threw a glass bottle at the end,” Sherman said. “You never have to resort to name-calling and some of the things they said.”

Sherman has admitted being called a number of questionable things in the past, but he always says he puts it past him knowing that he has a whole lot of respect from Seattle’s fanbase.

“It really helps you appreciate your own fans,” said Sherman, “and appreciate the 12th Man and how classy an organization we have and how classy our fans are and how they stay through the whole game regardless of the outcome. That’s huge but not every fan can be a 12th Man.”

And not every corner can be a Richard Sherman.

It’s always exciting to see players like Sherman praise their fan base which consistently shows their love. It’s fun to see those players show the love right back.

Thanks for being you, Richard Sherman. The 12th Man has your back.