Seattle Seahawks win may be beginning of the end for 49ers


Seriously, talk about a cryptic message.

After the Seattle Seahawks utter domination of their rival San Francisco 49ers, Jed York tweeted this:

York’s tweet implies that changes are coming for the 49ers. The question is: who is next on the 49ers chopping block?

The first place to look is at the coaching situation and remember that before the season, Jim Harbaugh was supposedly unhappy with his situation in San Francisco before the 2014 season even started.

San Jose Mercury News columnist Tim Kawakami speculated in his latest column that the Thanksgiving Day game put a sense of doubt in Jed York and Trent Baalke’s minds if Jim Harbaugh is the right coach for the 49ers. Kawakami said that a loss to the Seahawks two Sundays from now would all but seal Harbaugh’s fate in San Francisco.

I’ll go even farther than that. I have a strange feeling that the Harbaugh-era in San Francisco is already over and I vehemently disagree with Jed York if he chooses to fire Harbaugh.

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I personally am not a Harbaugh fan, but he has revived two underachieving programs: first Stanford and then the 49ers. There’s no other way to put it: he is a proven winner at both the collegiate and NFL level.

He’s a damn good coach. Firing him would be the most asinine thing that Jed York could do for the 49ers organization at this point in time.

Firing Harbaugh because of a loss to the Seattle Seahawks would spark a chain of events that would be irreparable for the San Francisco 49ers.

First, the 49ers would lose Harbaugh’s coaching and the blue collar environment that has proliferated throughout the franchise.

But the problems go far beyond Harbaugh’s coaching.

The 49ers’ roster, specifically their offense, is built to play one brand of football: power running, power running and more power running. Frank Gore, Carlos Hyde, Alex Boone, Mike Iupati, and Anthony Davis; these are all players built for a physical, smash-mouth brand of football.

A coaching change would inevitably mean a change in offensive scheme for the 49ers, and quite frankly, I don’t think that roster is capable of playing any other type of football.

And that is because of their quarterback.

Colin Kaepernick is simply incapable of making all the necessary throws a quarterback needs to make. He’s thrown only 15 scores to eight picks and is completing an abysmal 61.2 percent of his passes.

Against the Seahawks’ vaunted secondary, Kaepernick again proved that he is far from an elite quarterback. 

He consistently missed throws to the sideline (one of them was a Richard Sherman interception) and was erratic all night. To be fair, the 49ers pass protection was suspect, but Kaepernick has no excuse to be missing easy throws, especially when he’s making $126 million over the next six years.

What I’m saying is that letting Harbaugh walk to another team would be extremely foolish of the 49ers. I can’t think of any coach who can better lead this team.

And if Harbaugh does leave the 49ers, Jed York can say goodbye to any Super Bowl hopes, let alone playoff hopes, that the San Francisco 49ers have. Because I can assure you when Jim Harbaugh leaves the 49ers, all the success that the 49ers have will disappear with him.

Prepare for a firework show for the ages in the 2014-2015 NFL offseason:

The 49ers will crash and burn.