NFL Predictions for Week 14: Seahawks vs Eagles and More


This week’s predictions are in!

Every week our 12th Man Rising panel of experts (self-proclaimed) predicts the winners of each NFL matchup and gives you their reasoning behind two of their selections. The results are totaled each week and at the end of the season we will have a winner who will hold claim to being the all-time greatest predictionaire in NFL history. Be sure to give us your picks in the comments and let us know what you think of our selections.

Paul Novak

Prediction: Cardinals defeat Chiefs

Why: The Cards and Chiefs are two teams that I have been an advocate for since the start of the regular season. They meet this week and I’m torn on who to choose. With Seattle on the heals of the Cardinals for the NFC West lead, I think they’ll pull together and win to hold on to first place in the division for at least one more week.

Prediction: Seahawks defeat Eagles

Why: If this game doesn’t make you nervous then you’re crazy. If the Chiefs do manage to beat the Cardinals, the Seahawks will be just one win away from reclaiming the NFC West lead with three games to go. The Eagles’ offense is a fast-paced high scoring unit but if anyone can stop them, it’s the Seahawks.

Mitch Quesada

Prediction: Bengals defeat Steelers

Why: Neither team was particularly impressive last week, but the Bengals are finally back home where they have only lost once this season. In what could determine the division later on, I like the power run-happy Bengals in this one.

Prediction: Dolphins defeat Ravens

Why: Time to admit it, the Dolphins are for real. They are a young team who has blown two late leads in the last four weeks, but they showed maturity in keeping their composure against the Jets last week, pulling out a tough win on the road. Baltimore could win this one, but I think the Dolphins have it in an upset.

Colin Floyd

Prediction: Chiefs defeat Cardinals

Why: Arizona will continue to drop of due to their poor QB play and inability to score points. If Arizona looses this week and Seattle win then they will be tied for the NFC West division title and Seattle will hold the tiebreaker.

Prediction: Chargers defeat Patriots

Why: San Diego started the year off white-hot, but have slowed down since then. With an impressive road win against the Ravens last week, Philip Rivers and co. are back on track and ready to take out the AFC’s current number one seed.

Thomas Oide

Prediction: Bears defeat Cowboys

Why: Dallas came back down to earth last week, getting destroyed by a scalding hot Eagles squad. But that aside, Dallas’ journey to the realm of 8-8 will continue by losing to the pitiful Bad News Bears.

Prediction: Texans defeat Jaguars

Why: If Ryan Fitzpatrick’s kid can do complicated math, I’m sure Ryan can figure out how to add one to the Jags loss column.