Seahawks vs. 49ers: Behind Enemy Lines with ‘Niner Noise’


The Seattle Seahawks are closing in on a playoff spot but they have to play three-straight NFC West opponents to close out the 2014-15 NFL season.

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First on the agenda is a 49ers team whom the Seahawks beat only two and a half weeks ago.

But strange things happen during rivalry games and the 49ers would love to be the team to dash Seattle’s hopes of getting into the postseason to defend their Super Bowl title.

To learn more about the team that most Seahawks fans already know very well, I spoke with Mr. Douglas Totten, one of the editors at, our FanSided brother who covers everything 49ers.

Douglas brought up some great points and had a prediction thought to be in the minority in terms of the score of Sunday’s game.

Here is our conversation:

1. Thanksgiving night was a dominant win for Seattle. What does San Francisco need to do to slow down the Seahawks in Round 2 and beat them on their own turf?

San Francisco simply needs to avoid turning the ball over. Colin Kaepernick threw the ball straight to Richard Sherman. Twice. That can’t happen. San Francisco also needs to score touchdowns, not field goals.

2. How are the 49ers planning on stopping Russell Wilson after he put together a 260 all-purpose yards performance two weeks ago? 

It helps that the 49ers have had Aldon Smith back for a few weeks now. The 49ers can’t blitz and they can’t lose containment, but they do need to bring pressure, so long as they remain in their gaps and are disciplined rushing.

3. The 49ers are fighting for their playoff lives, but will a loss on Sunday spell the end of what has been an impressive three-year run in the Harbaugh era?

I don’t think the outcome of this specific game will hold much weight when the decision on Harbaugh is made after the season. I doubt Greg Roman is fired mid-season too. Ultimately, I do not expect the decision to be made in an emotional moment, but rather after the season when heads have cooled. This is not to say Harbaugh will stick around, but he won’t be fired too rashly.

4. Both teams combined for one touchdown and five field goals when they played on Thanksgiving. Do you expect more touchdowns in this contest at CenturyLink Field? If so, (or if not) why?

I expect a couple touchdowns, but not too many. These teams are defensively built after all.

5. Seattle is a projected double-digit winner in this one, but what is your prediction of the outcome of Sunday’s game?

My brain says Seattle will win, but something inside me thinks that, with their backs up against the wall as far back as possible at this point, San Francisco will come out firing. They may not win, but if not, I don’t think they’ll be as embarrassing as last game.

I’ll go 49ers 16-13.

Special thanks, again, to Mr. Douglas Totten from for taking the time to share his thoughts on the 49ers-Seahawks Week 15 matchup.