Russell Wilson Trucks 49ers Player to Save a TD (GIF)


Seahawks QB Russell Wilson threw an interception to end the first half of Sunday’s matchup vs the San Francisco 49ers. Going into halftime the 49ers were up 7-3 but it could have very well been 14-3 had Russell Wilson not hustled to make a huge hit on a lead blocker to prevent the pick being returned for a TD.

Going into halftime, Seattle has already allowed more yards to San Francisco then they had all game to the Philadelphia Eagles last week.

Also at the half, Seahawks LT Russell Okung was seen spitting up blood after complaining of chest pains. He was seen being talked to by a trainer and shoving him out of the way in frustration. As of the 4th quarter, Okung has not returned to the game and Alvin Bailey has replaced him at LT.

UPDATE: Marshawn Lynch has really turned it up in the second half and now has 76 yards on 17 carries. Lynch accounted for 40 of the 60 yards on the drive that ended with a Lynch 4-yard touchdown run.

UPDATE: Paul Richardson caught a 10-yard touchdown pass from Russell Wilson to make it 17-7 with 13:20 remaining in the fourth qtr.

The Seahawks have five sacks, two by DT Jordan Hill on 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick.