NFL Power Rankings for Week 17: Seahawks Regain Rightful Place

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Our Week 17 NFL Power Rankings are out and the Seattle Seahawks find themselves at the very top of the NFL mountain.

When you view all of the other Power Rankings out there you’ll find that the majority of them have two teams ranked one and two. The New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. Surprisingly, the Patriots are still ahead of the Seahawks on many of them.

Not here.

The Patriots, led by Tom Brady, are the favorites to make it to the Super Bowl out of the AFC Conference. They however struggled with a New York Jets team that is in the bottom five in almost every Power Ranking.

Seattle on the other hand just destroyed the Arizona Cardinals, 35-6. That’s the same Cardinals team that had only lost three games the entire season (one of which was to the Seahawks) and still boasted one of the leagues best defenses. We knew that Ryan Lindley wasn’t going to put up points on the Seahawks. The game was still expected to be very close.

For Russell Wilson to have one of the best performances of his career against a defense many thought was just as strong as Seattle’s – that shows you what level the Seahawks are playing on right now. The Patriots can’t claim that after squeaking out a 17-16 win in New York.

Tennessee Titans. 32. team. 35. The Titans have a good shot at the #1 overall pick in next years NFL Draft. Will they use it on a QB to replace #8 overall pick Jake Locker from a few years ago?. (2-13). Previous: 32nd

31. team. 48. The Bucs played the Packers this week. It ended something like what we all expected. This team is closer to a turnaround than most think.. (2-13). Previous: 29th. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

(3-12). Previous: 30th. New York Jets. 30. team. 30. Rex Ryan said in his press conference that the Jets are the biggest challenge for Tom Brady and the Patriots every year. But they lost, again. And Ryan won’t be the head coach with the Jets next year.

Jacksonville Jaguars. 29. team. 52. Blake Bortles looks like he might be the QB to turn the Jaguars around. But will this coaching staff be in place a month from now?. (3-12). Previous: 31st

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