Seattle Seahawks overwhelming favorites to win Super Bowl XLIX


The nation has spoken, and they like the Seattle Seahawks.

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Well, maybe they don’t like them as a team, but they like their chances of making it to Super Bowl XLIX, and winning the championship.

ESPN’s SportsNation posted a poll on’s home page asking which of the four NFL teams left has the best chance to win the Super Bowl.

Here were the results:

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Nearly half of the 350,000 voters picked the Seahawks to win this season’s Super Bowl.

And 42 of America’s 50 states had a majority of their voters pick the Seahawks.

Perhaps that doesn’t come as a surprise, but I think the Seahawks are finally getting the respect they deserve.

After their 3-3 start this season, a lot of Seahawks “fans” jumped off the bandwagon and called it quits on the team. National pundits doubted Seattle would even make the postseason, let alone make it back to (or win) the Super Bowl. Doubters and haters sat back and smiled, enjoying Seattle’s early struggles.

But the Seahawks couldn’t have cared less. In fact, they responded as only the Seahawks could.

They finished the regular season winning nine of 10 games and, if you include last week’s win over the Panthers, they are currently on a seven-game winning streak.

Vegas says they are the favorites to beat the Packers at CenturyLink Field on Sunday and they will probably be the favorites in the Super Bowl as well, provided they get that far.

A lot of the nation has problems with Seattle — they are classless, too loud, too dirty, too this and too that, but it’s hard to deny the Seahawks have one of the most well-rounded teams in the NFL.

Their defense leads the league in nearly every notable category and their offense is in the top-10 in most notable categories to compliment.

If Seattle plays their cards right, they should be hoisting another Lombardi Trophy in February.

And it’s not just me saying this — 41 percent of the nation agrees with me. Thank goodness.