NFL Draft 2015: Second round picks to keep an eye on

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Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL Draft Combine is right around the corner, and Seahawks fans should be paying very close attention to certain prospects throughout the combine process.

While first-round talents will likely get all the attention, Seahawks fans should be doing research on the lower profile players drafted in the mid to low rounds in the NFL Draft.

Why? Because the Seahawks have built their current squad through the draft by drafting late-round steals such as Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson and others.

While there aren’t necessarily future hall-of-famers in the 2015 class, there are certainly second round caliber players who can play significant roles for the Seahawks as rookies and grow into very good players throughout their respective careers.

But for the Seahawks to grab a quality player in the second round, they will likely have to trade up.

I think they can package a third round pick or possibly next year’s second round pick to move up to the mid-second round. My thought is that the Seahawks can use the pick to draft a replacement for Byron Maxwell, who is reportedly ready to leave Seattle for a big payday, or another wide receiver (let’s face it, Super Bowl XLIV proved that Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse are average wideouts… at best).

Here are some second-round targets that Seattle should be taking a long look at in the weeks leading up to the draft.

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