Russell Wilson among the top 10 QBs in the NFL


Seahawks starting Quarterback Russell Wilson is finally in the conversation about being a top 10 QB. According to, NFL Media Analysts Elliot Harrison, Dave Dameshek, and Bucky Brooks put Russell Wilson on their lists of the Top 10 quarterbacks in the League.

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Bucky Brooks placed him high on his list at at No. 4, stating, “Some will argue against Wilson’s high placement on this list, based solely on his pass production, but keen observers recognize his value as one of the most efficient dual-threat playmakers at the position. The three-year vet nearly posted a 3,500/1,000 season (3,475 passing yards and 849 rushing yards) as the director of the Seahawks’ diverse offensive attack in 2014.

People mistakenly see him as a ‘game manager’ for a team that is overly reliant on a dominant defense and a strong running game. But it’s hard to dispute his record (36-12) and history of success since entering the NFL. Considering Wilson’s clutch production (15 game-winning drives, including 10 fourth-quarter comebacks over his career) and the addition of a dominant ‘MOF’ (middle of the field) target in new tight end Jimmy Graham, the two-time Pro Bowler might secure his spot as an elite quarterback in 2015.” His top 10 included Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Luck, Wilson, Brady, Romo, Brees, Rivers, E. Manning, P. Manning.

But Dave Dameshek, has Wilson ranked at No. 5, “Yeah, he’s got a great D and running game. He’s also been to the Super Bowl the last two years and (despite that throw on 2nd-and-goal) has been as clutch as it gets.” His top 10 is Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Brad Luck, Wilson, Brees, Newton, Rivers, P. Manning, E. Manning.

And Elliot Harrison ranks Wilson at No. 7, saying, “He just keeps improving. His best quality is his intuitive ability to know when to stay in the pocket, when to chuck the ball into the stands and when to tuck tail and run. This is something fellow 2012 draftee Robert Griffin III — along with more experienced quarterbacks — still struggles with. The fact that Wilson led the NFL in rushing on third down last season is a testament to this trait.

Here’s another tidbit from the did-you-know department: Wilson is the only quarterback in NFL history to post a passer rating of 100 or better in each of his first two seasons. That said, despite what league observers say about his wide receivers, Wilson has the best supporting cast in pro football — in the form of a defense that held opponents to 15 points per game in 2014. The Seahawks’ D was the first in more than 40 years to allow the fewest points per game three years in a row.” His top 10 included Rodgers, Brady, Roethlisberger, Brees, Romo, Luck, Wilson, P.Manning, Rivers, A. Smith.

Well said sirs.

Here’s the best of Russell Wilson in 2014.. the best is yet to come.

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