Thanks A Lot Miami


The Miami Dolphins are not very good. Just getting to the playoffs feels like the Super Bowl in South Beach. Now they’re finding ways to lose even during the offseason.

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Miami’s owner is this NFL generation’s Bill Bidwill of the former St. Louis Cardinals. Losing isn’t that big of a deal if the checking account is healthy. Really, an owner’s motivation to win now is lacking, and that is especially true in Miami.

Then, like a moron bomb exploding, comes the news Ryan Tannehill just inked a potential $96-million contract. My first question was, of course, WHAT?! Second? WHY?!

After some digging I now understand what owner Stephen Ross was thinking about. Nothing.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Ross is the 2nd richest NFL owner. My feeling is that this incredibly successful man is being told Tannehill plays as well as he marries. Since Mr. Ross doesn’t really know, he agrees on this insane contract rewarding Tannehill for marrying well. Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

There is another side to this outside of rewarding mediocrity. If Ryan Tannehill is worth a $96-million deal, what is Russell Wilson worth? Does Paul Allen hand him the title and keys to the franchise? Two straight NFC titles and two straight Super Bowl appearances for Wilson. Zero AFC titles and Zero Super Bowls for Ryan. Advantage Russell. Disadvantage Seahawks.

Seattle has dragged its feet on this and suddenly the price just went up. What if Cam Newton gets $200-million? Heck Colin Kaepernick cashed in after one NFC title. Waiting is not a good plan during the off-season.

If I may make a suggestion, either get it done before training camp or wait until after the season ends. Russell Wilson is a Seahawk. He enjoys being a Seahawk. Playing elsewhere hasn’t been a thought for this loyal, sensible guy. Plus, contract negotiations during the season is not something either side wants.

710 ESPN in Seattle and Bleacher Report are saying the Seahawks and Wilson are far apart. That distance can be closed quick, but the two sides need to be focused on getting this deal done.

Thank you Mr. Ross and Miami for creating the newest, craziest contract for quarterbacks who can’t win in the NFL.

Now if you’ll excuse Seattle, they have business to complete for a third straight conference title.


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