5 veteran Seahawks who could lose their roster spot to rookies

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Mike Morgan

Morgan has managed to stick on Seattle’s roster for the past three seasons because of his special teams play and because of his versatility. He can play both outside linebacker positions as well as defensive end.

The Seahawks currently have the depth required to render Morgan’s versatility unnecessary. By drafting both Frank Clark and Obum Gwachum, and getting Cassius Marsh back from injury, Seattle no longer needs the depth at defensive end that Morgan provides.

Throw in that the Seahawks also have great depth at linebacker with Kevin Pierre-Lewis and Eric Pinkins both returning from injury this season, and Morgan is getting squeezed out of a job. All that is left is his special teams contributions, and those can likely be replaced as well.

Morgan’s roster hope now rests on the possibility that one of the other guys on the team getting injured during training camp. That is never a good position to be in for anyone.

Richardo Lockette

Lockette is listed as a wide receiver, and actually got some playing time at the position last season, but that isn’t why he is on the roster. He is with the Seahawks entirely for his contributions on special teams. Lockette is arguably the best gunner in the NFL, and the Seahawks take special teams very seriously.

That is why Seattle’s decision to select Ryan Murphy in the seventh round of the draft is so interesting. He has all the tools to be a special teams ace as well. He was also all-but guaranteed a roster spot when the Seahawks moved Eric Pinkins to linebacker.

Throw in a suddenly-crowded wide receiver group and Lockette could easily end up as the odd man out. The Seahawks aren’t going to cut a promising youngster like Kevin Norwood just to keep a guy whose only contribution comes on special teams.

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