12 Reasons to Follow Seattle Seahawks Punter Jon Ryan on Twitter


My obsession with Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan is at an all-time high. He performs great under pressure, faking a field goal and throwing for a touchdown when his team is down 16-0 in the NFC Championship. He is a self-proclaimed “Ginja Ninja” who is getting ready to make an appearance on American Ninja Warrior. But the cherry on top is his Twitter account. If you’re having a bad day or need a good laugh, look no further than giving him a follow.

Twitter user @TwinBrick puts it best in less than 140 characters.

So what makes Ryan a fun social media follow? It’s not that he tweets about football because he never does. For some, maybe it’s the fact he’s just like us. He does what we 12’s do, taking quizzes to see what Seahawks player we are. I’d like to know who Earl Thomas would get on this quiz.

Or maybe it’s the fact that throughout his success he remains humble, remembering where he came from. It can be easy for professional athletes to lose track of their roots, but not for Ryan who has played for Seattle the past seven years.

Ryan is also a true team player. He stands up for his teammates when the haters make noise. Additionally, whenever a Seahawk signs a contract extension he’s one of the first to congratulate them.

He even shares great life advice, letting his followers know not to get down in the dumps because someone always has it worse than they do.

And he’s pretty trendy, using Uber and watching The Bachelor. In fact, I highly recommend watching the reality show just for the sake of understanding what Ryan is tweeting about. There are even people proposing he take over hosting the show. I should start an online petition so this can happen.

Ryan’s social media wit even landed himself a girlfriend. Comedian Sarah Colonna told PEOPLE the pair met through Twitter and both knew they’re a “perfect match.” The couple is now happily engaged and word has it Ryan called Colonna’s parents asking for permission – a classy move that gives him brownie points.

And since they’ve become an item, it’s easy to see how perfect Ryan and Colonna are for each other. First off, Ryan is not afraid to tell others that Colonna is off the market.

Ryan shows his support for his fiancé, who just released a new book Has Anyone Seen My Pants?, strategically using his popularity to get Colonna more sales.

Colonna reciprocates the support for Ryan, especially during the Deflate Gate fiasco. May we never forget Ryan’s capabilities.

But like every couple, these two have their differences. P.s. I’m more of a clear gummy bear person.

Perhaps my favorite part is that the pair lets us followers in on their wedding plans. If the tweets are any indication, this is going to be the best wedding ever. Now seems like an appropriate time for an, “I want an invite!” plug. But seriously, if Ryan or Colonna is reading this I can bring red and yellow gummy bears.

And clearly couples who do meet and greets together, stay together.

Only time will tell when E! signs them to their own reality TV show. Move over, Kardashians.

So what are you waiting for? Go follow the man. He’ll thank you for it.

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