New England doesn’t care about Super Bowl 49 win


This last week I have been across New England to visit my family. In my travels from Boston to Connecticut and Maine I have learned one thing… It’s over. Thanks to the “what have you done for me lately” attitude of the news cycle, all anybody can talk about is the cheating punishments that the Patriots and Tom Brady will (or maybe will not) face. New England press and sports talk radio has forgotten the Super Bowl and, along with the rest of the NFL is looking forward.

Looking forward to Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara.

Having been walking around Boston for two days looking at the majestic history of the area I saw a lot of Tom Brady jerseys.  However nobody, and I mean nobody, was talking about Super Bowl 49 and that play.

The Boston faithful have turned their passion and vitriol to defending Tom Brady and crucifying Roger Goodell, regardless if their tactics make any sense.  It was surprising, I heard more on sports radio about the New York Rangers than the Super Bowl.  That being said it is the off season and there is something called baseball in full swing.  I enjoyed my vacation in New England much more than I expected to due to what I expected to be a lot of trash talking from opposing fans.

This is yet another reminder why the 12th Man is the greatest fan base in all of sports.  We know what is and is not important to the longevity of our franchise.  Complaining about a punishment, which in my opinion is too light, is a waste of time.  As far as I’m concerned the Patriot fans should be writing Goodell and thanking him for allowing the Patriots to cheat their way to the Super Bowl and still play in it, but I guess there is a precedent for that.

This has been a great reminder that glory fades. I think I can finally talk to my friend who roots for New England again. To everyone out there who was feeling down about the game, I’m here to say, keep your head up. We will win the Super Bowl this year.

Go Hawks!

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