Ranking The Top 10 Most Valuable Seahawks – Part 3

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Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Number 5 – Michael Bennett

The Seahawks Legion of Boom is the face of the defense, but it doesn’t matter how good you are in the back if you cant get any pressure up front.

Insert Michael Bennett. At times he is absolutely unblockable (Super Bowl 49). He doesn’t always get the stats, but what he does do is draw double teams. When you are a team that doesn’t like to blitz that often it means you are rushing your four down lineman versus there five blockers. Easy math tells you that someone is getting double teamed and that person is usually Bennett.

This now makes it three verses three the rest of the play. If Avril is beating the tackle off the edge now the opposing team is forced to double him causing Bennett to be one on one. If you want to double them both now you have to commit a tight end or a running back which takes a player out of the passing game.

You can see the disruption he can cause even though he doesn’t always have the stats to back it up. He is also very durable and versatile. Not many guys in this league have the speed to play outside and the power to play inside. This seems to be why he’s holding out and wants a new contract.

In all, we just wouldn’t be as good on defense if he wasn’t here, hope he comes back soon. Next up will be numbers three and four. Go hawks!

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