How Long Will Cary Williams Be A Seahawk?


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Was the signing of Cary Williams really a long-term solution at the cornerback position opposite of Richard Sherman? Or is it a short-term answer?

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He signed a three-year contract worth $18 million, but only his signing bonus and his first year were guaranteed. If they choose to release him after the first year the Seahawks would accrue $2,333,334 in dead money, and $1,166,667 if they released him after the second year.

In 2015 the four starting members of the Legion of Boom will account for about 21% ($29,916,666) of the salary cap. In 2016 it would be nearly 25% ($36,935,667) and 2017 another 25% (39,322,667). Those numbers are staggering. This year isn’t that big of a deal due to Russell Wilson‘s low cap hit but starting in 2016 his number will explode.

Were pretty certain that the trio of Sherman, Thomas, and Chancellor aren’t going anywhere, so that could make Cary Williams a one year rental even though he signed a three-year contract.

If Jeremy Lane didn’t get mangled, and if Tharold Simon didn’t get beat like he stole something in the Super Bowl would we of even signed Williams? I was a little surprised at the signing. I really thought we would see a revolving door at the other corner position with a plan of drafting one every year. Getting them adjusted to the system, and easing them in their rookie year. Then in year two get them into some nickel and dime situations. Then year three let them compete for the starting job opposite of Sherman.

With numbers that big already committed to the L.O.B. I believe that Williams will only be a Seahawk for one year and he will be released. I still believe in Tharold Simon and I think that he will end up being the starter in 2016. This season will obviously answer some questions for us but it is an interesting debate to see how long Cary Williams will be a Seahawk.

Go Hawks!

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