The Russell Wilson Contract Distraction


In the NFL, as in real life, days are filled with pressure and adversity. The Seattle Seahawks are learning that negotiations with one player have a chance to affect the entire team.

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OTA’s alone are a stressful time for late-round picks and undrafted free agents. These are men trying to secure a job for themselves and their families against solid veterans who expect to make the team. They are not unlike so many Americans facing similar circumstances. What is different? Compensation.

Seattle Seahawks QB, Russell Wilson, started camp in 2012 as a 3rd round draft pick with no guarantees he’d play, or even make the team. In what would become his greatest attribute, we learned Wilson does not give up. Incredibly, he not only made the team, he made it impossible for head coach Pete Carroll to sit him out. Wilson beat out prized free agent Matt Flynn and became Seattle’s prized rookie.

As we wait for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks to get this contract business settled, don’t get too caught up in the salary figures being talked about. Try not to see Wilson as a prima donna who simply loves money more than football. That’s far from being the truth. Wilson has lead a BILLION dollar organization to the peak of its industry. Were there back to back Super Bowl appearances by the Seahawks possible before Wilson?

If there is a real concern it’s allowing this to go unresolved until after the 2015 season. Wilson will give Seattle and the 12s all he has with or without a new deal. But every week, win or lose, Wilson and his teammates will be asked about the contract situation. Although Seattle’s a close brotherhood of a team, the questions will get old and players will get tired of hearing them (except Marshawn Lynch of course).

The bottom line here is that Russell Wilson is a leader, a fighter and he doesn’t give up. Seahawks brass knows it, Green Bay players know it, the legion of 12s know it.

So pay the man. It’s time to concentrate on a 3rd straight Super Bowl.


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