Russell Wilson Contract Speculation Continues


The Russell Wilson contract speculation is becoming a sport in and of itself. As it continues we’re left wondering what’s true and what’s false.

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Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk wrote recently:

The possibility of the Seahawks opting not to pay a market-value deal and also opting not to use the exclusive franchise tag (which likely would result in a three-year payout to Wilson of more than $98 million) would leave the Seahawks with one choice: Apply the non-exclusive tag, assume the risk that someone else will sign him to an offer sheet reflecting a market-value deal, and either match the offer or accept two first-round picks as compensation from Wilson’s new team.

OK so a divorce is a strong possibility right now, especially considering coach Carroll’s impatience with player’s contracts. The option of a non-exclusive tag would be too risky. Exclusive tags are often times not received well by a player. Carroll and John Schneider’s ego will play a part as well. I would not be surprised if we hear that the two decided they can win without him. I agree with that.

So “armchair” GMs, what’s your move? Wilson has tweeted: “I’d rather patiently wait & see what God has in store than do something that isn’t best for my life.” While Carroll has stated, talks are “going a little slow, but it’s ongoing,’’ adding that the Seahawks are “waiting to hear from their side.’’

Is Wilson waiting for God or is he waiting to see what moves Seattle is planning? Is Carroll really care-free because a deal is eminent or has he started to move on? For the Seahawks players this must be frustrating. We already know it is for the 12s.

Regardless of the outcome Seattle has a defense that is going to dominate for a while. They have a front office working on the same page. Marshawn Lynch is the only player on offense who is near irreplaceable at this point.

With or without Wilson, the Seattle Seakawks will surive. It would just be nice to see the speculation end instead of continuing throughout 2015/16.


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