How To Survive Until Seahawks Training Camp Begins

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We are in the homestretch of the Dog Days of the football offseason; a sad, solitary, empty void for fans of even the most desperate and hopeless teams.  But for Seahawk fans it’s even worse.  After the way Super Bowl XLIX ended, this offseason has felt like an eternity.  Not a day goes by that I don’t hear, or see someone post on Twitter; “Is it football season yet?”  Veterans report to training camp July 31st, and we’re now past the 4th Of July holiday.  So close!  Yet so, so, sooooooo far.  These next 3 weeks may feel like a decade.

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So I present to you the Five Best Ways To Get Through This Seahawk Offseason. Consider it a survival guide to getting from to the first preseason game against Denver August 14th, a veritable Living Without Seahawk Football In 2015 For Dummies.

And because you just can’t do a Top 5 list without a slideshow, here we go………..

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