Marshawn Lynch is the top RB in Madden 16


The inevitable slow leak of player ratings for this year’s edition on the popular Madden franchise has begun. It turns out that Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks has the highest rating of any running back in the game.

Lynch’s rating of 96 is just one point above Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson. This is the first time since Peterson’s rookie season that any running back has had a higher rating than him.

Rounding out the top five are Jamal Charles of the Kansas City Cheifs with a rating of 94, with Le’veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steeler and DeMarco Murray of the Dallas Cowboysat 93.

Lynch’s ascension to the top spot is a bit of surprise. Electronic Arts has never favored power backs. They have always had a definite preference for running backs with more speed than Lynch.

EA also tends to favor the players with the better statistical numbers. Lynch finished last season 4th in rushing yards, more than 500 yards behind Murray. Murray also had the most big plays on the ground of anyone in the league.

Bell led the NFL in all-purpose yards according to STATS LLC. Both he and Murray would typically end up with a higher rating than Lynch just because of that statistically production.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Lynch was almost unstoppable running inside zone in last season’s Madden. A nice boost in his attributes will only make it easier to grind out first downs on the ground this season.

Hopefully the crotch grab celebration that they used in the picture above stays in the game. I’d hate to see it removed, even though the NFL hates the celebration and keeps fining Lynch for it.

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