Can the Seattle Seahawks go 19-0 in 2015?

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One NFL season. 19 wins. No losses.

It’s a feat that has only been completed once, by the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

The 2007 New England Patriots came within a football helmet within being the second team ever to complete this feat, but cheaters never prosper… at least some of the time.

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With the addition of Jimmy Graham, some believe that the Seattle Seahawks have a legitimate chance to be the second team ever to go 19-0 in a single season. Combine Graham with the Legion of Boom, and everyone forgets last year’s play calling debacle and the Pacific Northwest gets another Super Bowl to brag about.

Here’s an overarching preview of the Seattle Seahawks’ upcoming season: the strengths and weaknesses of the team and the toughest regular season games.