Russell Wilson: Is he being greedy?


Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was the Golden Child, wasn’t he?

Drafted in the 3rd round, overlooked as a potential franchise QB in a draft that featured Andrew Luck and RGIII at the top.  He was deemed too short, too unorthodox, too…… Christian?

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From the beginning, even before he achieved success on the field as a rookie, Wilson was revered by anyone and everyone who came into contact with him. He was articulate, humble, grateful, and openly devout about his Christianity.  Even if all he had ever achieved was to be the Seahawks backup QB, it would have been considered a significant accomplishment.  Even then, he may have become one of the more popular backup QB’s in the league.

But we all know how it’s gone since then.  The wins.  The comebacks.  The Super Bowl victory.  That Green Bay game, ohhhhh that Green Bay game.

And now, in the eyes of many, it seems his reputation has taken a dive.

The Golden Child is now being accused of being greedy, selfish, not caring about the team.

How did this happen? And, more importantly, is it accurate?

Maybe Wilson did everything too well, achieved too much success from the start. And maybe he did himself a disservice by presenting himself as Mr. Perfect. Now, a growing segment of the Seahawks fan base is taking the stance that Wilson should just accept whatever is being offered. That he should be grateful the Hawks drafted him after every other team passed on him two, even three, times.  He wasn’t even making a million bucks in salary last year, how could he turn down a reported offer of $21 million per year!?!?!?!?!?

He’s lost perspective.

He’s putting his own wealth above the interests of the organization to continue to field a successful team.

Why is he being so selfish!?

Does he want out of Seattle?


Just stop.

There’s a hypocrisy at work here from those who are thinking and saying the things I’ve outlined above. Did anyone get upset when Richard Sherman became (briefly) the highest paid DB in the league?  He was a 5th round pick playing for peanuts his first couple seasons.  Should he also just have been grateful and accepted whatever the team was willing to pay him?

More to my point, why is there absolutely zero outrage that fellow 2012 draftee Andrew Luck is reportedly nowhere close to signing a contract extension himself?

My take?  I think there’s a fairly common misconception that some people hold towards outwardly Christian people; that they should be held to a different standard. The assumption is that their priorities should be different, and in this case I suppose that means Russell Wilson shouldn’t care as much about money.  Because he’s such a gracious, humble man and a great teammate and leader, he should “do the right thing” and simply sign what’s being offered right now.  In those people’s eyes, every day that goes by without a new Wilson deal is further proof that perhaps he’s not the Golden Child.  That maybe he’s just another self-centered athlete.

None of this is accurate, of course, but I’m hearing and reading enough fan backlash to believe that it’s a legitimate viewpoint.  I could try to dismiss the naysayers as being bandwagon fans or drama-seekers, but to analyze any debate you have to objectively consider all opinions, right?

I’ve considered the opinion that Wilson is being selfish and greedy.

And I reject it.

What we’re seeing is a player trying to do what’s right for himself, his family, and his future, in a profession where everything could change tomorrow with a torn ligament, a blow to the head, or a broken bone. Meanwhile, he’s negotiating with a team that is uniquely stacked with young talent, and is trying to keep it all together as long as possible.  This requires ingenuity, it requires creativity……… and it requires patience and tolerance.

Do you think the Seahawks are thinking any differently about Wilson these days, or any less of him?

Of course they aren’t.

And neither should you.

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