With Russell Wilson signed, attention turns to Bobby Wagner


Russell Wilson’s new contract with the Seattle Seahawks is signed and delivered. The Seahawks now turn their attention to locking up All-Pro middle linebacker Bobby Wagner. The Seahawks and Wagner have been working on hammering out a new deal for some time. They’ve been close for almost a month, but nothing has been finalized.

Likely that is because the Seahawks wanted to make sure they had the cap space needed to sign Wilson. And it is a good thing too, since Wilson’s contract ate up almost all Seattle available cap space. The Seahawks currently have almost no cap room for which to give Wagner a signing bonus.

That tweet likely came after Wagner was told that his extension was going to have to wait for the Seahawks to clear some cap space for anything can happen with him. That’ll likely means that someone else has to go or have their contract reworked.

The obvious choice would be Jermaine Kearse. His $2.5 million salary for 2015 has no guarantees. If Norwood, Kasen Williams or Matthews shows they are ready for regular playing time, Kearse’s time with Seattle could be over. If not, then the team could extend him a year and reduce his 2015 salary to near the veteran minimum.

Another option would be to extend Russell Okung and Brandon Mebane. Both have large cap numbers this season and are in the final year of their contracts. Extensions can be structured in a way that lowers their cap number for 2015.

If the Seahawks aren’t able to get things done this season for Wagner, than they can still use the franchise tag on him next year. The Seahawks had been saving that for Wilson, but that is no longer necessary.

For now, Wagner waits, as the 12s wait with him.

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