Seattle Seahawks: What’s their worst-case scenario?

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Even the most pessimistic Seahawk fan probably shook their head as they were reading this piece.  It was even hard for me to WRITE it, because most of it seems so implausible.  If you know this team and this organization well enough, you know that there won’t be any contract distractions, that Carroll will find the best way to utilize the young guys and put them in a position to succeed, and that Lynch, Graham and Wilson will find a way to make plays even if (and when) Bevell scuffles to find a play-calling rhythm.

Even IF all those things went wrong as I described, the NFL is a talent-driven league.  The Seahawks would likely go 10-6 even in this Doomsday scenario.  And even that seems low. The only thing that could seriously derail this team is injuries, but that’s the case with every club in the league, and even then Seattle’s depth would still keep them in contention deep into the season.

Let’s put their ceiling at 14-2 and their floor at 10-6.  That range is one that most NFL teams, and their fans, would die for.

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