Arizona Cardinals: Scouting Report from preseason Week 1

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I also have a couple of notes on the defense and certain concepts that seem to always work on them.

  • Short passing game is their kryptonite – due to their over-aggressive nature on defense; short passes concepts like slants, drags, in & out routes (depending on their break), and crossing routes over the middle. Those still cause havoc for the Cardinals.
  • West Coast offense concepts are very effective in general.
  • Running backs used as receivers and tight end used in the passing game proved to be a hassle as well, as the Cardinals had trouble covering them – mostly Travis Kelce in this game (but he’s also one of the better tight ends in the league – top ten overall in my opinion).
  • Slot receivers in general.
  • Speed draw plays are extremely effective – every time Kansas City ran one, it gained huge yardage. It works because of the over aggressive personality of their defense.

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