Richard Sherman, future coach?


Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman is known for running his mouth to opposing players, however this week during the game in Kansas City he was very busy talking to players on his own bench. Sidelined for the game, Sherman helped coach his teammates.

Sitting 8 rows behind the Seahawks bench, I had a great vantage point to watch something you don’t always get to as a fan. The inner-workings of a team’s sideline isn’t something we get to see on the television or from most spots within a stadium. I saw a player, who wasn’t in pads, but still helping his team.

Seahawks CB Richard Sherman on sideline, Seahawks vs Chiefs 8/21/15 Photo credit Dayna O’Gorman

Sherman was a constant presence among the defensive players. He would talk to them about what he saw and how they could improve. He walked the sideline speaking to individual players, groups of players, and coaches, and they were listening, intently.

It was obvious what he was doing. The Legion of Boom now knows they aren’t invincible. At the end of last season, every member of the LOB was injured in some way.

Although they managed to play their way though many of the injuries, it would seem they are taking an active interest in their back ups. Not that they ignored them in prior seasons, but during camp and preseason we’ve seen many instances of them coaching the young players.

Seahawks CB Richard Sherman, Seahawks vs Chiefs 8/21/15 Photo credit Dayna O’Gorman

Sherman wasn’t the only player working with the back ups. Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch was also everywhere along the benches, chatting with players, looking at the tablets, congratulating the other running backs.

He was also sitting on the bench eating what looked to be oranges, much like a soccer kid after a Saturday afternoon match. It was hysterical and such a Marshawn thing to do.

We’ve heard many veteran players talk about how it’s not their job to mentor the rookies. They are fighting for their jobs and they aren’t going to help the “next guy up” get better and possibly surpass them.

I understand that thought, yet it seems that the Seahawks veteran players have a different stance. If you really want to win, you have to win as a team. The best way to do that is to make sure your team strong throughout the roster. You never know when a 4th stringer will need to be the guy to win the game.