Poll: What do Seahawk fans do about Steelers vs Patriots?!


Could the official opener to the NFL season be any worse, or at the very least any more perplexing, for Seahawks fans? Imagine… you’ve waited an entire off season, and a somewhat tumultuous off season at that, to see real football again. You KNEW you would have to deal with the Patriots at home in the traditional Thursday opener, but at least you could root for the team facing them. Right?

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Tonight’s Steelers vs Patriots matchup obviously represents the two most painful days in Seahawks history. They’re 1-2 in Super Bowl appearances, and these are the “2.” Whether you believe it was the ref’s fault that Seattle lost to Pittsburgh in 2005 or not, we hate the Steelers, don’t we?

What’s worse, losing a game you think you should have won because you believe the referees jobbed you with a number of bad calls, or losing a game when you were mere inches away from putting it away?

2005 was a long time ago, it was our first Super Bowl, is there still hatred for the Steelers? Or is the image of Tom Brady celebrating after Malcom Butler’s goal line interception to fresh and too vivid for you to overcome?

So I ask you, as a Seahawk fan, what the hell are you doing about tonight’s game?

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