NFL Coverage Maps for Week 2


The Seattle Seahawks will take on the Green Bay Packers in an NFL showcase on Sunday Night Football this week. Everyone in the nation gets to see that game, so there’s no reason to look at the coverage maps to see if it’ll be on in your area.

Instead, we have the option to get stuff done on Sunday. Oh wait, never mind. Why would we do that when there is football on TV? I guess we get to sit back and enjoy our Sunday watching other teams play instead.

In the morning, there is a pair of interesting games to choose from for those in the Seattle area. San Francisco-Pittsburgh might be a game between hated teams, but it should be a decent game where there is a lot to learn about both teams.

I suspect most 12s will be watching the San Diego-Cincinnati game though. Both of those teams appear to be potential playoff teams, so this game could turn out to be important in the standings months from now when the season is over.

The Portland area and most of the rest of Oregon is once again getting the Tennessee Titans game instead of the game the Seattle area is getting. Marcus Mariota mania is still going strong. I wonder if that’ll continue once he and his team begins to struggle.

The afternoon gives everyone no choice whatsoever. The entire nation is stuck watching Dallas- Phily.

It is really annoying that a game in Philadelphia is being played in the afternoon time slot this week, but the Seahawks had to play in the morning last week. The NFL is so inconsistent when it comes to scheduling. It is so frustrating for every team on the West Coast.

All maps are the work of the awesome team from 506sports. I have no idea how they make them, so I am infinitely grateful for their work. If you live near one of the borders, visit their site and you can zoom in get a better look.

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