NFL Power Rankings: Week 3

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team. 50. The Lions are struggling and now their QB is banged up. With a trip to Seattle coming in Week 4, this week is now a must-win game.. (16-26). Previous: 18th. Detroit Lions. 20

(37-33). Previous: 29th. Oakland Raiders. 19. team. 28. A resilient win for the young team. Murray looked like the real deal, and Carr avoided mistakes.  

(23-20). Previous: 28st. Jacksonville Jaguars. 18. team. 52. A big win for the young Jaguars team. If Bortles can continue to improve, this could be a tough team by the end of the season.

Previous: 16th. Kansas City Chiefs. 16. team. 124. Andy Reid screwed up an end-of-game situation. In other similar news: grass is green, the sky is blue, and the author of these rankings makes a ton of spelling mistakes.. (24-31)

13. Rivers led a 30 point comeback in Week 1, but couldn’t do so this week. That the team is asking him play like that in order to win in concerning.. (19-24). Previous: 15th. San Diego Chargers. 15. team

Previous: 10th. Baltimore Ravens. 14. team. 26. The offense finally started moving the ball, but the defense suddenly couldn’t get a stop. There is too much talent in Baltimore for this to continue. . (33-37)

59. Another poor performance from the offense this week, and this time the defense couldn’t get them the win. The lack of a running game is very concerning.. (20-23). Previous: 13th. Miami Dolphins. 13. team

team. 30. A well coached Jets team is something that’ll take some time to get used to. They still have a limited ceiling with Fitzpatrick under center though. . (20-7). Previous: 21th. New York Jets. 13

16. Buffalo is supposed to be a defense-first team, and they gave up 40 to the Patriots. Garbage time points made the score look closer than it was. . (32-40). Previous: 8th. Buffalo Bills. 12. team

60. Good bounce-back win by the Vikings. Still lots of concern about Adrian Peterson though.. (26-16). Previous: 20th. Minnesota Vikings. 11. team

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