Wel-Kam Back: Kam Chancellor Returns to Seattle


For months the Seattle Seahawks were in a fierce stalemate with Strong Safety Kam Chancellor, who held out almost the entire off-season over his contract; however, Kam Chancellor has called off his holdout and appears ready to come back and call it checkmate, at least now in, Seattle’s favor.

The news broke this morning when Adam Schefter tweeted a picture (rather a screenshot of text) from a message that Kam had sent ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. The message said:

"“Ima go help my teammates that are understanding of my position and the ones who aren’t. God forgives all, why can’t i? Time to help us get back to the big dance . I can address business after the season. Me and Marshawn started a mission 2 years ago. I can’t let my Dawg down….Real talk.”"

What does that mean for Seattle? It means the whole world for the most intimidating player in the game to come back to the Seahawks; in other words, the BOOM is back.

With Kam back, that means the defense definitely should look much better than it has the last two weeks. It also means that people will once again fear Seattle. You see, when Kam is roaming the middle of the field, receivers and tight ends alike are afraid of catching the ball. Over the last two weeks, that wasn’t the case, teams were not afraid to attack the middle of the defense, in fact they weren’t afraid of attacking anywhere. Kam being here changes all that – he strikes fear into the hearts of offensive skill position players…Hell, he even strikes fear in offensive lineman’s hearts for that matter.

Despite him being back, there is some concerns: will he be ready to go Sunday, will he be in “football shape,” does he know the plays?

Well, as far we know, King 5 is reporting their sources tell them that Kam will start this Sunday against the Bears in Seattle’s homeopener. As for the other questions that have arise, I cannot answer that with 100 percent certainty, but I can guarantee you that even a 75 percent (arbitrary percentage) ready Kam is still better than just about any strong safety in this league. The man is an elite athlete and an elite safety  — strong, or free, the position doesn’t matter.

Kam will know the plays, there’s barely any difference in the overall scheme of Seattle’s defense, despite there being a new coordinator—cover three, or cover one, that’s really the base of this defense—anything that exclusively Kris Richards additions to the base defense, I’m positive Kam will pick it up rather quickly.

Here’s some of Twitters’ reaction after hearing the news:

I think all of us this morning hearing the news.

Seems almost perfect that this is posted as the news breaks.

Further showing his value

support from his teammate(s) (there will be more tweets as the day continutes, but Bailey was the only one I saw)