Seattle Seahawks all time top 40 players

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To honor the team’s 40th season, the Seahawks asked fans to vote for the Top 40 players of all time. They were unveiled Sunday during halftime of the Bears game. I purposely skipped the ceremony and haven’t looked at the final tally because I wanted to do my own list, and didn’t want to be influenced by what the general consensus was.

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I used no specific metric to rank these players in order. In some cases I went with statistical production, while in others I may have put more weight into how popular they were or how much they impacted the team as a leader. The most difficult thing was to try and put current players into context next to some of the historical team heroes.

For each player I list the years they played and some of their key stats and accolades.

So, without further adieu, and with all apologies to Casey Kasem, here’s MY list of the Seattle Seahawks All Time Top 40 Players:

40: WR Joey Galloway (1995 – 99)

The 8th overall draft pick in 1995 out of Ohio State, Galloway was a dynamic play maker. 283 receptions for 4457 yards and 37 TD’s, and 823 yards with 4 TD’s as a punt returner. Missed the first 8 games of the 1999 season due to a contract dispute and was traded to Dallas that off season for two first round draft picks. One of those picks turned into Shaun Alexander. Galloway played 11 more seasons in the NFL for 4 different teams.

39: DT Brandon Mebane (2007 – present)

The last draft pick from the Tim Ruskell regime, Mebane doesn’t rack up flashy stats and has never been voted to a Pro Bowl, but his consistent influence has been a force in the middle of the Seahawks defensive line since he arrived.

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