NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

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The Seattle Seahawks’ win/loss against the Detroit Lions puts the finishing touches on an interesting fourth week of the NFL season. Now everyone moves on to preparing for Week 5, and it is time for another edition of our NFL Power Rankings.

Lets jump straight to the good stuff:

San Francisco 49ers. 32. team. 42. The 49ers look so bad right now that it is an legitimate question to ask if Tomsula makes it through his rookie year as head coach. They also need to consider moving on from Kaepernick soon.  . (3-17). Previous: 31th

team. 57. The Bears can’t even seem to tank correctly. In the middle of fire sale, they somehow managed to beat the Raiders. Hopefully they don’t cost themselves a chance to draft a QB. . (22-20). Previous: 32th. Chicago Bears. 31

Cleveland Browns. 30. team. 53. The Browns found yet another way to Browns away a win. Thus proving that the Browns are still the Browns.  . (27-30). Previous: 28th

Previous: 27th. Tampa Bay Bucs. 29. team. 48. Anyone surprised that Winston is throwing so many picks clearly didn’t watch his college tape. He led the NCAA in interceptions last season, and will likely lead the NFL in interceptions this year. . (37-23)

team. 10. Houston is supposed to be a great defensive team. I’m not sure that was apparent when the Falcons dropped 48 on them, . (21-48). Previous: 22th. Houston Texans. 28

54. Another no-show by the offense in the first half, and another loss. There are rumblings that the Chip Kelly experiment can already be called a failure.. (20-23). Previous: 21th. Philadelphia Eagles. 27. team

Previous: 17th. Miami Dolphins. 26. team. 59. Joe Philbin is out, but they lack a quality interim coach. They promoted a TE coach, and may be looking to replace both coordinators on the fly as well. Poor coaching is ruining the season for a talented roster.. (14-27)

(26-20). Previous: 30th. New Orleans Saints. 25. team. 15. It took overtime for the Saints to beat a battered Dallas team that was playing their backup QB. Lets not get too excited about the win. 

50. The Lions offense is a complete mess. How does a group with that much talent only score 3 offensive points. It shouldn’t matter that they were playing a good Seattle defense, that was not a good showing. . (10-13). Previous: 25th. Detroit Lions. 24. team

Previous: 20th. Jacksonville Jaguars. 23. team. 52. Gus Bradley’s team keeps finding new and creative to lose. That they lost to a mediocre Colts team that didn’t Andrew Luck going to be impossible to overcome.. (13-16)

Previous: 24th. Baltimore Ravens. 21. team. 26. Baltimore needed 2 missed field goals, some awful play calling by the Steelers, and overtime, to beat a Pittsburgh team with Mike Vick at QB. This is shaping up to be a long year for the Ravens. . (23-20)

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