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The Seattle Seahawks take a trip up to Cincinnati to play the Bengals @ 10 AM PST. Who are the relevant fantasy football players this week? Let’s discuss the option.

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Seattle Seahawks

QB Russell Wilson: While Russell Wilson still hasn’t had a dominant fantasy performance, he is likely your best QB in standard year long fantasy leagues if you drafted him. The plus side is despite not having a dominant fantasy performance yet, his high floor has showed. Wilson scored 15.48 points last week vs the Lions all things considered. The Bengals are a better team, but there isn’t a team who can reliably shut down Wilson and he will get his points.

In DFS, I would pass on Russell Wilson. While his floor is high, there are better QB’s with better matchups. You would be praying for a 27+ point performance from Wilson.

RB Marshawn Lynch: Marshawn Lynch is expected to play vs the Bengals after missing the game vs the Lions due to injury. It is hard to know what to expect out of Marshawn Lynch partially because of injury, but in larger part because of the Seahawks offensive line.

They are still trying to gel, and the Bengals are capable of penetrating the backfield and disrupting plays the same way the Lions and other teams have. It hurts because you used a first rounder on Marshawn, but I would sit him on your bench again this week if you can and see how he plays vs the Bengals.

In DFS, I wouldn’t touch Marshawn. There are too many questions right now to invest a lot of money into picking him. Wait to see how he responds getting a game off and coming back from injury.

TE Jimmy Graham: Jimmy Graham has been a frustrating fantasy player for owners who selected Jimmy Graham. The weeks he gets a touchdown he is a huge boost to your team, but games like last week where he gets multiple catches but doesn’t get a touchdown are hurting his fantasy value.

If the pattern holds true, Jimmy should get a touchdown this week. In standard leagues, holding two tight ends on your roster typically isn’t smart. So if you selected Jimmy, you should be using him again this week and just trusting the process and that he’ll get his targets. The most promising part of Jimmy with the Seahawks is that he IS being targeted, contrary to mainstream medias take on him.

In DFS, I wouldn’t hate grabbing him but I definitely feel more comfortable with the potential of Gronk going against the Cowboys.

Cincinnati Bengals

QB Andy Dalton: “The Red Rifle” has arguably been the best waiver wire pickup in all of fantasy football this year. Largely undrafted in most leagues, Andy Dalton has absolutely lit up the scoreboards in real life and in fantasy. He has performances of 18, 21, 30, and 18 points. However, the Seahawks defense is the best one he is playing yet this year. If you ended up with Dalton on your roster, it’s likely due to under-performance from better QB’s or from hurt QB’s like Tony Romo. I would play Dalton and just see how it goes, ride him until he lets you down.

In DFS, I’d pass just because it’s the Seahawks defense. But if you in particular believe in Dalton’s ability to hit the deep balls against Seattle’s defense, then you have a valid reason for wanting him on your DFS team.

RB Jeremy Hill: Jeremy Hill has been the opposite of Andy Dalton in terms of value in fantasy football so far. Selected in the first round of most drafts, Hill has been a relative disappointment before his 24 point performance. Week 1 he racked up 18 points, but then he fumbled twice, got benched, Gio Bernard was getting more reps, and people began wondering if Cincinnati was starting to get away from him. Last week proved he can still be productive, but one good week isn’t enough to fully restore confidence. However, you should probably let him burn you before benching him. He’s a talented RB on a talented team, play him vs Seattle.

In DFS, I wouldn’t want to take him just because his cost isn’t exactly cheap and Seattle has been pretty tough on RB’s most the year.

WR A.J. Green: The Red Rifle’s most talented and most trusted weapon right here. Green has been a big catalyst to not only Dalton’s red hot start, but his own which included a 34 point performance in week 3.

As a wide receiver, that is insane production in fantasy football. Green is Dalton’s most trusted weapon, and he will no doubt turn to Green to help him try to defeat the two time defending NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks. Green is an every game starter, so if you have him, you play him. He is undoubtedly one of the best wide receivers in the NFL and in fantasy football.

In DFS, selecting Green is a perfectly viable option. it would not be a surprise to see him have a big day vs the Seahawks. Odds are he’ll need to have a good one if they want to beat Seattle. Regardless, Green gets fed the ball and you should be comfortable selecting him most weeks unless he gets injured.

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