Gut Reaction: Seattle @ Cincinnati


Gut Reaction

I don’t want to hear about how the Seahawks went 3-3 and made the Super Bowl last year until Seattle is in the Super Bowl this year. Giving up 17 points to a Cincinnati team that Seattle had on the ropes all day is pathetic. It felt like a Holmgren era team where no lead was too big to give up.

Players that Sucked in Yesterday’s Game
Russell Wilson
Darrell Bevell
4th Quarter Defense
Cary Williams

Players that Didn’t Suck
Thomas Rawls
Doug Baldwin
Bruce Irvin
Earl Thomas
Jon Ryan

If you believe that you are paying a player for current performance, as I do, Wilson is insanely overpaid. I have no idea why he stayed in the pocket as long and often as he did, and when he did scramble it was always backwards. When it was crunch time and Seattle needed first downs at the end of the game, they brilliantly ran straight into a wall of defenders over and over again. Uncreative, uninspiring, and pathetic to watch.

The defense absolutely owned Dalton over the second and third quarters. The Ginger took some hits that would have knocked my teeth out. Irvin hit from behind on one play and I’m surprised his head stayed attached (his helmet didn’t).

Kam Chancellor missed some tackles but you could tell that the Bengals players were very aware of his presence across the middle of the field. To my eyes, it is still quite obvious that he didn’t play during all of training camp and the first three weeks of the season. Flashes of his normal brilliance, marred by lack of game time.

Cary Williams is garbage. Other teams are picking on him like the fat kid at four square. It’s not even funny. Maxwell might be getting burned on his new team, but Williams is a pretty sad replacement. Sherman’s coverage hasn’t been stellar, but considering the LoB is out of sorts (except Earl who is a beast), nothing seems to be coming naturally or easily.

Yes, Cincinnati is a good team, now 5-0 thanks to a Seattle collapse. But this is a team Seattle should have beaten. This is a game that could be a difference maker down the line. Seattle didn’t have to come back. Seattle was up! and conceded the comeback. I’d rather be blown out that lose like that.

Seattle is yet to be a winning team in 2015, and does not look like a contender to win the division. Hopefully, Wilson returns to pre-celebate/nanobubbles/money form and decides to suck a lot less, Lynch gets healthy, defense stops caving, and Seattle maybe goes 10-6.

*As an additional, late, thought. I just rewatched the play where Dalton ran a long QB sneak for a touchdown and can’t believe a DB didn’t hit him and leave his body twitching on the field with his soul floating above him on that play. That was about as ineffective, pathetic, and indicative of Seattle’s game as it gets.